Intel® Core™ i9-11900F Processor


14nm Rocket Lake 65W
16MB L3 Cache
Windows 11 Supported
🔥Don’t forget Windows 10, we have OEM, Download and USB versions available



The new Intel 11th Gen Core desktop processor family will start with Core i5, with six cores and twelve threads, through to Core i7 and Core i9, both with eight cores and sixteen threads. All processors will support DDR4-3200 natively, and offer 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes in supported motherboards – these lanes will enable graphics and storage direct from the processor, typically in an x16/x4 or x8/x8/x4 combination.

Both the Core i9 and Core i7 this time around have the same core count – normally the Core i9 would offer an obvious difference, such as more cores, but for this generation the difference is more subtle: Core i9 will offer higher frequencies and thermal velocity boost (TVB).




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