Intel® Core™ i9-10900F Processor


14nm Comet Lake 65W
Core i9 10th Gen
2.8 GHz Operating Frequency
5.20 GHz Max Turbo Frequency
DDR4 2933 Memory type
20MB L3 Cache
Windows 11 Supported
🔥Don’t forget Windows 10, we have OEM, Download and USB versions available



With up to 5.2 GHz clock speed, 10 cores and 20 threads, the Intel Core i9-10900F processor supercharges your new PC build and enables incredible experiences and productivity for gamers, content creators, and mainstream users. Shatter the performance barrier and enter the realm of immersive 4K entertainment experiences and play the latest gaming titles like never before. Or simply get work done in less time by supercharging the latest business productivity applications for a higher level of collaboration and productivity.

The Intel Core i9-10900F DOES NOT have integrated graphics, so a discrete graphics card is required to complete your build.




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