ASUS ZenDrive U9M SDRW-08U9M-U


  • DVD Read & Write Speeds: up to 8x
  • CD Read & Write Speeds: up to 24x
  • USB Type-A & Type-C Compatible
  • Ultra Slim 13mm Form Facto


The ASUS ZenDrive supports M-DISC, an archival-quality storage solution designed to help users protect their most precious digital memories, such as family photos and home videos. M-DISC DVDs can preserve data for 1,000 years or more, providing peace of mind that these lifetime memories will be safe for generations to come. Compared to hard drives, flash drives, and other writable media, which have the storage lifetime of around 8 years, M-DISC is designed to protect your memories from degradation and data loss for 1,000 years or more.




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