ASUS Prime A320M-K Motherboard


  • Powered by AMD Ryzen AM4, 7th generation Athlon processors to maximize connectivity and speed with NVMe M.2, support for 32GB of DDR4, USB 3.1 and Gigabit LAN
  • 5X Protection III Hardware-level safeguards provide component longevity and reliability
  • Unique SafeSlot Core fortified PCIe slot prevents damage from heavyweight GPUs
  • Fan Xpert delivers advanced fan controls for optimized cooling
šŸ”„Don’t forget Windows 10, we haveĀ OEM,Ā DownloadĀ andĀ USBĀ versions available


ASUS Prime is the next evolution of the ASUS motherboard, born of a pedigree that stretches back to 1989. Our team of world-class engineers are passionate about empowering everyone to enjoy the benefits of customization and tuning, and the driving force behind the development of Prime is to make advanced enthusiast controls easily accessible ā€” maximizing performance, stability and compatibility for the very best DIY PC experiences. Simply stated: itā€™s time for Prime




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